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Why Go Green – Extreme Green Cleaning

Why Go Green

When the bathroom starts to look grubby and you pull out all the conventional brushes, Cheap Jerseys From China sponges, sprays and bleach and start scrubbing, you expose yourself to hundreds of chemicals that contain known and possibly unknown toxic effects.

The problem is that most people use more than one cleaning product for the Wholesale Jerseys bathroom. There is one for the toilet, one for the mirror, perhaps one for surfaces, another to clean mildew from tiles and then tons of other “specialized” cleaning product options. The repeated exposures to the chemicals in all of these products can add up. We are exposed in the process of cleaning our homes to more than the manufacturer projected.

Chemical levels can be up to 70 times higher inside our homes than that out. Over 100 chemicals commonly found in homes have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, psychological abnormalities, skin reactions, headaches, depression, joint pain, chronic fatigue, chest Cheap Jerseys From China pains, dizziness, loss of sleep, asthma. . .the list goes Byron Jones Jersey on. Housewives have a 55% higher risk of getting cancer than do women working outside the home. This most likely Cheap USA Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys has to do with the products they use on a daily basis. Nervous disorders and respiratory problems have also been linked to hazardous substances in the home. Household ammonia, when mixed with bleach is a deadly Wholesale Jerseys substance. Bug spray can remain active and airborne in your home for Wholesale NFL Jerseys up to 30 years!!!!!

Eco Friendly:

Many of us use toxic chemicals in everyday life. Sometimes we are aware of it, sometimes not. Many actions which appear to be harmless actually involve the use of harmful chemicals. Household cleaners, garden pesticides, paints, batteries, detergents, even Olivier Vernon Jersey flea powders can be hazardous to our health and the environment. Detergents, degreasers, stain removers and pesticides have made our homes miniature chemical factories.

Hazardous chemicals endanger the environment by contaminating our groundwater, lakes and oceans. If these hazardous products in the home are ingested, absorbed through the skin or inhaled they Tavon Young Jersey can cause illness that may only appear years later. One of Albert Authentic D.J. Alexander Jersey McClellan Jersey Dwayne Allen Jersey Cheap Jerseys From Cheap Jerseys From China China the biggest culprits in ocean pollution is phosphates, common in laundry detergents and some cleaning products.

The average consumer nationwide uses about 30 pounds of laundry detergent a year; all together, Americans use about 8.3 billion pounds of Tom Compton Jersey dry detergent and a billion gallons of liquid detergent each year! High phosphate levels can kill life in rivers, streams and oceans by causing “algae blooms.” Algae slimes dense enough to suffocate marine life have been swelling around the world, especially in coastal bays. They are largely caused by Authentic Corey Brown Jersey fertilizing pollutants called “nutrients” in human sewage and farm Anthony Steen Jersey runoff.

Help protect the
health of your
children, family and pets.

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